What do CRM systems provide?

What do CRM systems provide?

CRM is a term echoing in every industry today. You have seen some of the benefits it brings. But what can it do for you? Few years ago, only a few big companies were able to afford CRM implementation but the scenario is different today. CRM is crucial if not a necessity to run the business smoothly. There’s one-size-fits-all when it comes to CRM for the business but today, businesses of all sizes, small, medium and large have easy access to affordable CRMs.

Let’s rewind to the 2000s. You have a business and you are using legacy systems to run the business and MS Excel is the best you can do to keep track of customers and information.

But soon your company started growing beyond your expectations and you struggle to keep up with the pace. No amount of human resources can manage it. We didn’t have anything to handle it well then but we do today in the form of CRM systems. More growth means more opportunity to change how you run your business. Spreadsheets, though they prove to be a very handy tool, come with a lot of drawbacks like inconsistency, hard to update and interpret, and data getting lost. More importantly, it is difficult to leverage information and collaborate.

Fast forward to the present, we have the most sustainable way of handling business efficiently, thanks to CRM. Fundamental tracking methods don’t cut in today’s market. Embracing this fast-paced demand growth and the needed technology is one way to fit in. CRM systems:

  • Provides 360 degree view and access to your business.
  • Automate everyday tasks and help manage human resources better.
  • Allows collaboration between all departments in one place.
  • Monitor tasks, deals, leads, campaigns, opportunities, queries and you just name it.

A modern CRM system will help you with:

 Contact information, communication history, customer history and all the other data will be gathered in an easy-to-access space. You can access and track as you go. This makes it easier for your team to look at all the information in a single platform. 

 Manual tasks can be real productivity killers. CRMs automate many of these repetitive tasks and save you time. A typical CRM also provides a standardized process for Sales and Marketing like Sales Process which gives you a blueprint for closing deals better and bring in more leads. Yor sales methods can be constantly improved, analyze the data and get a prediction of your sales and increase close rate.

With a CRM, you can provide 360 support to your customers and increase the retention rate as well as add new customers. Customer experience can be personalized by knowing the history of a particular customer, customer issues can be solved more effectively and faster than ever via multiple channels, all customer information can be consolidated and viewed in a single pane so that your support agents don’t have to surf through all the files.

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