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Remote Digital Transformation Agency : "Loosely Coupled, Tightly Aligned"

distributed across Onsite, Offshore and Remote.

Companies across the world have recognised the top technology talent and digital transformation agency are available in India. We at 0101 make it easier for global companies to setup an remote transformation team easily and also ensure 100% compliance of all the labor acts in India.

Who would have thought that remote working from even the smallest town would be the possible until we were hit by Covid? Since then, social distancing and remote working have become norms. These things in turn have helped companies engage the talent without any boundaries.

As the companies prepare for economic growth, business prospects have become more open to innovations. With significant changes in how the companies operate, the hybrid model of work has not only gained sympathy from companies but also they have proven to be more preferable and effective.

So, what does the term Hybrid mean here? This new model of work provides employees the autonomy to choose where, when and how they work best. The When gives the employees flexibility to choose their work timings. The Where gives them the option to choose between working in the office and working remotely or rotating between the two as per their convenience. Putting all together, a hybrid team forms a flexible work structure without having the employees to conform to a single structure. A hybrid team in an organization will have some people working from the office while some work remotely and some work from client location. This approach allows both the employees and the clients to make their own choices.

At 0101, as a digital transformation agency we carefully choose and build a remote development team that’s aligned to client requirements and take care of the entire operations for the client. This helps client to have a dedicated team focused on delivery while we enable the teams to perform their best through. We trust our team and their choices more than it seems comfortable to our eyes. We emphasize inclusion and strive for equity.

While we build a remote development team which will be working both onsite and offsite for clients, we don’t shy away from offering our employees autonomy. We assist our most important assets in rediscovering the meaning of their work and in doing so, we make our work more purposeful. We don’t compromise on the efficiency either. We offer a consistent experience by setting up distributed teams, keeping in mind the aspects of client criticality and location-specific tasks. Clients’ will have all our attention with both our onsite team and offsite team depending on their necessity. You can easily get cost effective product development services from our digital transformation agency.