0101 Go Digital

A bit more than what can be done.

0101 Go Digital is a digital transformation focused organization built for delivering value through technology.

Impactful, Measurable and Transformational will be the core in everything we do.

We build the best talent, solution models and products for business and customer experience transformation.

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business transformation service



Customer eXperience: Enhance customer relation and experience with custom designed solutions for increased selling digitally.
Self service and customer support by providing hybrid human interventions through automation and technology interventions.
Customer process optimization and streamlining to provide the highly efficient service.


Business Transformation through product/service augmentation. Business & IT Enterprise integration for integrated service.
Solution Delivery through digital products. Predictive marketing solutions through analytics and behaviour intelligence platforms.


Process efficiency through digitization for performance improvement.
Knowledge management and process automation to enhance speed, quality and transition.
Data-driven analytics and decision-making