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Comprehensive Data Solutions: Data Migration, Data Cleansing, Data Analytics, to Data Visualization

We are living in an era where data is the richest mineral. From not knowing the importance of data solutions, we have come to a place where data forms to be the most important thing in any company and in every domain. Now, instead of data, we use the term big data quite often. It is a term we use to describe a massive amount of data, both structured and unstructured, which is hard to manage. It won’t be wrong to say that business in today’s age runs mostly on data.

Organizations today generate a vast amount of data during the course of their business. But data in its raw form is not of much use. Data solutions becomes useful only when we can draw insights from it that drives the business. Through intensive data analysis, we help organizations derive insights from the data and grow their business by making decisions based on those insights. Our comprehensive suite of data and analytics services help organizations in all domains uncover new opportunities, optimize operations and increase their business value.

data solutions

Data Cleansing

Let’s face it, most data we come across is dirty. It’s worthless and won’t yield any value until it’s cleaned and scrubbed. Data Cleansing is a process by which we remove and/or modify any non-essential data that is incomplete, redundant, corrupted or unformatted. In short, it involves identifying inaccurate data and making it right. Preprocessing of data is the most essential part and also it eats up around 80% of the time and efforts of any successful data analysis project. Furthermore, data scientists spend more time on this than training a model.

Your business will be data-ready as we help you achieve these 4 major criteria with respect to data.

At 0101, we believe that data cleansing not only includes formatting the data to match the above criteria but also includes boosting business productivity, making improved and quick decisions backed by accurate insights, minimizing compliance risk and facilitating improved ROI. We provide unparalleled  services and support considering all the above factors. We provide robust data cleansing services for enriched data and increased ROI. Data deduplication, Data enrichment, Data standardization, Data validation, Data and analytics services etcetera are few of the things that we offer. Steering you in the right direction is our utmost priority.

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data solutions

Data Migration

Google, Microsoft, Amazon… you name it. All the spearheads in the technology industry have been working on newer technologies for the purpose of data migration. Moving information from one location to another doesn’t seem complicated. Everything gets complicated when it comes to moving millions of bytes of data into a new system. Going by the definition, data migration may sound too simple a process. It’s only once you start working on it that you realize it’s not just a simple two-step point and click process.

Data migration is usually triggered when/during: Legacy system modernization, Storage capacity expansion, adding a new system to your business, taking a cloud approach, merger and acquisition activities, etcetera. Regardless of the purpose, the main goal of migration is to increase the business efficiency and performance.

Just like how there are multiples reasons for undertaking data migration, we have few different types of migration: Storage migration (between physical media), Database migration (between database management systems), Cloud migration (from on-premise/cloud to cloud), Data Center migration (between locations/servers), Application migration (between environments/platforms), Business Process migration (between infrastructures).

Irrespective of the reason for migration, we will handle all the implementations for data migration right from the scratch without compromising security and integrity. We know how vital and time consuming this process could be. Depending on the type of data migration, we use different tools to provide a fully managed service that is designed to enable seamless migrations of data. A successful data migration is nothing short of a happy ending.

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data solutions

Data and Analytics Services

Today, data is the core of most businesses and their leaders truly believe that real digital business transformation occurs only by channeling the true power of data solutions. Here at 0101, we lead the transformation that is data and analytics services  oriented. Becoming a wholly data solutions oriented business can be a hard path to tread on. That’s where we come into the picture. Becoming data-driven starts from defining what exactly data in your business means and how it can be utilized to achieve business efficiency and growth.

Data and Analytics services covers a wide range of areas. It doesn’t sit in a single room. Customer analytics, Financial analytics, HR analytics, Sales and Marketing analytics, Supply chain analytics, Healthcare analytics, the list goes on and on.. you name it! We provide a broad range of services in data analytics. Few of them include:

  • Data Analysis as a managed service

    Data Analysts collect and process your business’ data to deliver quick one-time or recurrent analytics insights to you which you can use to improve your business.

  • Consulting

    Consultants here will help you choose an optimal strategy for analytics and guide you on designing, developing, implementing and improving a proprietary data analytics solution.

  • Analytics Service

    We provide you a fully functional cloud based analytics platform which you can leverage to carry out the data analysis.

  • Comprehensive Data Analytics Solution

    We start from the basic design and implementation of the analytics solution to address the primary needs. We then use different methods like scale up, scale down and cross-scaling to adjust to your business needs.

    At 0101, we don’t just help you draw insights from data solutions, we focus on maximizing the value of the data and maximizing the value data can add to your business. Data Warehousing and Integration (ETL process), Big Data support, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence… we handle it all. We use robust processes to convert data into actionable intelligence. We do all this with complete customer centricity.

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    data solutions

    Data Visualization

    So, you have mined the data, cleaned and processed it, there’s a huge amount of processed data lying in the warehouse, what next? The whole point of going through all these phases is that you can utilize this to answer specific business questions and make decisions that are data based rather than age old method of speculations based. 0101 provides data visualization services ranging from advisory services to implementation and support services. We help you weave the stories out of your data. Like magic, you see huge datasets transform into appalling visualizations to make your business data-driven. Imagine you step into a forest which has nothing but trees and plants and then the deeper you tread, the more magical things you see. A magical world indeed in both the cases!

    Our team will help you see your organization’s data turn into immersive visuals that will not only blow your mind but also will make your business bloom. Our use cases cover the areas of Financial sector, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Assets and a lot more. We are equipped with all the tools in the market such as Microsoft’s Power BI, Tableau (Salesforce’s Tableau CRM), Amazon’s QuickSight, IBM’s Cognos, Google Cloud’s Datalab and DataStudio, etcetera. Few of the services on plate are explained below.

    Report and Dashboard building

    We create reports and dashboards that are tailored to meet your needs for a diverse range of audience. Dashboards like strategic, operational, analytical and tactical.

    BI Development

    This includes a suite of services from aggregating your data to analyzing and visualizing. We will help you set up ETL processes, create a centralized data repository, implement data security measures and finally visualization.

    Cloud enabled Visualizations

    We provide end-to-end visualizations to enable real time data visualization for building interactive dashboards to derive actionable insights. 

    Visualization Optimization

    We upgrade and optimize the existing data visualization solution by working at different layers (for example: Source, Visualization, Environment).

    Our data storytelling is one of a kind and our visualisations will land you with pixel-perfect intelligent insights. We let your data do the talking by infusing life into it. To know more about our approach and how we can be of help to unleash the true power of data, please hit a button on the right to get in touch with us.