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Enable Mobile first approach to our clients. Cross platform solutions.

‘Mobile First’, as the name says, we design and develop an experience for mobile first before expanding its features to fit the needs of tablets and desktops. During his talk on Mobile World Congress in 2010, Eric Schmidt, the then CEO of Google said that, “Designers should follow ‘mobile first’ approach in their product design.”

Why is this approach so vital nowadays and how can we help you with it?

If UI/UX or product designers start a product design from the desktop version, they will inevitably make use of most of the advantages of the advanced end. For instance, hover effect is supported by a cursor mouse which is applicable to only desktop versions. This way, designers will leave no stone unturned to create an amazing desktop experience, and only to find it can hardly be adopted in mobile versions unless they give up on many beautiful ideas. In the end, the mobile version will just be an unfinished product waiting to be written off.

Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage since 2016, people spend more time on their mobile phones compared to other devices, sales of smartphones are growing at a rapid rate; reasons go on and on. One look around us and we would see that every other person is scrolling, tapping and clicking on his/her mobile device. These small devices are embedded into our lives. This increase in reliance on mobile devices has begun to affect our perception and expectation of the experience the companies should deliver. 

As a business owner, you can’t just sit and watch the world take a big digital turn with mobile first approach. We could help you with this. Go mobile first with 0101. We take the mobile end product design as a starting point considering all the restrictions mobile devices offer. This will enable our designers to capture the key points of a product and head for a lean and clean product with prioritised features. Later when the other devices like tablets or PC come into the picture, designers can take advantage of the unique features of these advanced ends to strengthen the product step-by-step. Mobile first principle leaves us with two most important points: On one hand, it helps save design time and improve productivity. On the other hand, it makes designers pay more attention to the product content which leads to neat and practical designs.

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Some insights that we use to create better mobile experiences:
  • Making navigation easy

    Users prefer to scroll the page instead of diving into the navigation menu directly. But that doesn’t mean we take out nav completely. For mobile experience, the best fit is using a combo navigation which will allow the users to see the content they need the most and go to the nav menu if they don’t find what they’re looking for to dig into more details.

  • Creating digestible content

    We design the content that’s easier for your users to interact with in a short period of time. We give your users the high-end overview initially without tangling them in the technical jargon and then progressively give more information as they dig deeper. Keeping them interested and moving forward without bogging them down and repeat!

  • Design to augment lives, not KPIs

    We create mobile first designs and build products that people would want to come back to over and over again to enhance their lives rather than creating something that drives just revenue and keeps people away from it. Our main focus is on making useful and compelling experiences that make people’s lives easier by looking at the needs and not on business KPIs.

  • Optimize screen real estate and use meaningful animations

    Nobody likes to see an ad popping up or navigation coming out when they are going through the content. We believe that if we value users, then they will value you. Thus, we create the design with them and their experience as our primary focus. Likewise, although animations can be a great way to keep the audience hooked, they can spoil the experience if created as a band-aid for poor design. We make animations that greatly compliments user experience by making it expressive and human.