Digital Transformation and us.

What do we mean by ‘Digital Transformation’?

When we say ‘Digital
Transformation’, we mean that we help our clients to shift their organization to digital way of working with digital platforms, data driven decisions, automation, efficiency focused outcome to bring the best returns on the investments to help organisations achieve their vision. We will not only help you reach there but we will also help with digital roadmap with upcoming technologies to align to your vision. To transform something, we need to transform our ways of approaching the processes that we are used to. That might sound difficult but we will make it easy for you! Change is not easy especially when we are talking about a change at an enterprise level but we will make it comfortable enough for you to embrace it. How you ask? You are one step away from knowing. Contact us and we will get back to you. Make no mistake. Digital Transformation is a big vision and to see the bigger picture, we need to be open to change. It takes boldness, humility and mistakes too!

Our Belief

We at 0101 believe that Digital Transformation is more about humans than technology itself; More transparent we are, the better the engagement will be. Without user experience transformation, there can’t be any digital transformation. For that, we follow a simple yet effective approach.
process people performance

If it is people who are at the core of Digital Transformation then it is Employees and Clients who form the core of our company. We prioritize and engage well with not only our employees, but with our clients as well. Our products and the services that we provide are designed for ‘you’ and not around the systems. You see the move from “systems web” to “me web” here. We design and provide what actually is needed from the customer’s perspective instead of just building an application and telling you to use it or sell it to you.

We form a process that is simple, repeatable and scalable for your business. It’s high time that we connect the dots between people, processes and the data. That’s where repeatability comes into the picture. We form a template as part of our solutions so that it can easily be shared with others. We keep things simple and yet maximize the resources available to achieve high output. To tackle workloads, we strike a perfect balance between scale-up and scale-down approaches rather than trying to choose between them.

Performance is not just about setting the benchmarks. Albeit mentioning repeatability before, flexibility is equally important. We bring in the holistic understanding of patterns between people, process and data. We set a realistic bar as unrealistic goals never benefit anyone. We get the right things done at the right time. We make decisions that are data-driven but not driven by our intuitions. KPIs aren’t mere numbers for us, we revolve around them and ask questions to improve.



0101 Go Digital will be the #1 choice for Digital Transformation Solutions for Customer Experience and Business Growth Drivers.


0101 Go Digital exists to help its customers transform digitally by having the best technology team, best solutions and best products through continuous innovation to build simple, smart and scalable models.



Identify and build best technology talent, smarter solutions to simplify the transformation journey, Scalable models to expand the reach.


takes 100% accountability for organization results

Responsible & Responsive

takes responsibility of client and employee success. Time bound across all modes of communication with existing and potential clients, peers, and partners.

Trust & Transparency

Build trust across clients, peers and society with transparency.

Beneficial to society

every action is beneficial to society.



Talent Development

We believe in talent building rather than talent hunting. Our process and methodology focuses on enhancing the strengths to provide the best team to our customers.

Product Partnership

We have built expertise and have partnered with some of the top products to provide end to end integrated solutions to our clients across countries.

Solution Models

Our unique proposition is to design solution models to address the pain areas using technology, processes, and metrics. We design solutions that can be tailored to fit specific domain.

Product Development

Building AI and behavioural driven products to transform the HR, Sales and Marketing departments on a highly scalable microservices architecture.

Our Leadership

Our leadership is dedicated and passionate to help clients go digital with clear focus on experience, efficiency, and objective.

Anil Danti