Why do businesses need CRM and what are its benefits?


CRM can be a way to stay in constant touch with customers while reducing the manual efforts that a business has to put in. There are a lot of reasons why a business needs CRM. Being a cloud based system, you can access it via the internet from anywhere and any device in the world. The kind of organization it brings in, you might forget your best friend’s birthday but it will remind you of the tasks and important things needed doing. CRM is not just for handling customers but also to automate and streamline various repetitive processes. Partnering with 0101 offers a lot on table in including CRM for your business and here we list some of them:

Sales, marketing, service and commerce teams have never been so closely knitted before. CRM allows this fostering of inter-departmental teams which is crucial for the success of any business. Information and updates from all the teams are stored in a centralized database which makes it easier to share between the teams and work as a single unit. As a result, customers will go through a seamless and consistent customer experience while the business thrives.

As we said before, CRMs are not just for better customer experience. They also enable the automation of monotonous and error-prone tasks and puts them on a speed track. This will also help shift your staff’s focus on other important work. To name a few automation tools: Workflow Rules, Chatbots, Macros, Lead and Case Assignments, Routing, Flows and Follow-up comms.

CRM platforms are ever evolving and they enable businesses to interact with customers on various channels. To overcome the customer-facing challenges, they integrate with other services through which current and potential leads and customers can engage. For example, Salesforce offers Virtual Remote Assistant which helps the agents walk the customers through the process and Hubspot offers Video integrations Vidyard to send memorable and personalized sales and and marketing videos to track engagement.

Best CRMs offer you the tools necessary to build reports and dashboards and report on the metrics and KPIs that matter the most to the business. With all the data that is pulled in by CRM, it doesn’t make sense if you can’t analyze it and fetch insights, does it? These insights  can help a business identify the key areas of impact and make data-driven decisions, identify areas of opportunity and growth and create better customer experiences. From a customer’s point of view, this data can give them personalized preferences as well as give them a nudge to decide whether or not to go with the purchase.

Because of a pool of automation tools CRM provides, routine tasks are expedited and handled automatically which frees up agents’ time who can utilize this time to attend to other tasks. This makes sure that there won’t be any errors in handling those tasks. Businesses can deeply understand the needs of their customers, purchase patterns using a process that is more streamlined and automated like Workflows. This will also help in optimizing the human resources more efficiently.

Now we had mentioned about Automate the mundane stuff in the second point. What areas do we apply it in? And what exactly can be done here?

Sales Automation

Various CRM Sales automation tools provide features like Workflows to streamline sales processes, Email scheduling, Proposal Reminders to push a sale through to the finish line, Lead Management to manage the influx of leads, automated creation of leads and tasks, CPQ to configure price and quote, Lead forecasting.

Marketing Automation

CRM Marketing automation tools provide features like Automated Email/Digital/Social media marketing, Marketing cloud intelligence to action on marketing data and KPIs, Account engagement to unite marketing and sales for B2B marketing, Advertising automation, Content Management, Loyalty Management.

Service Automation

CRM Service automation tools provide features like  dedicated console to boost agent productivity, live agent to enable customers chat with a representative through any channel, Knowledge articles which is embedded into the console, Omni Routing  enables the automatic routing of cases, leads or other works to the most appropriate and available agent, streamline feedback in one connected system.